The M11500 is the leading and most advanced series of thermal insulating frames with a European Groove mechanism.
It meets the highest class of European standards for thermal insulation, sound insulation and wind-proofing, certified by the German IFT Rosenheim Institute.

Glass-reinforced polyamide 38mm offers high-level thermal insulation with a particularly low thermal transmittance, up to Uf = 1.9 W / (m2K) depending on the construction.

  • Frame width 76.5mm and leaf width 84mm.
  • Thermal insulation with glass-reinforced polyamide PA 6.6 interference at 38mm in the frames and 34mm in the sheets.
  • Maximum leaf weight 130kg
  • Polymorphic waterproofing for improved waterproofing
    Pressed and mechanical connection
  • Ability to recline both leaves.
  • It meets the highest class of European standards for thermal insulating systems, sound insulation and wind-water tightness certified by IFT ROSENHEIM. (Uf = 1.9 W / M2 K)
  • Three levels of waterproofing
  • Tilt mechanism not only for the standard 11mm European mechanism but also for the 16mm pvc mechanism that offers WK3 certification for anti-burglary
  • Variety of display options (softline, flat, inclined, classic)
  • Horizontal and vertical swing doors
  • Variety of solutions for all architectural needs
  • Specially reinforced heavy duty profiles for entrances and window displays
  • Many possibilities for corner constructions


The S560 is a robust sliding system that offers high levels of thermal insulation, versatility in construction and is ideal for covering large openings.

The S560 offers versatility as it enables it to be made from small to very large openings. It ensures quality construction due to the robustness of the profiles and provides the possibility of “framing” both internally and externally for stronger connection of the profiles, while offering economical construction.