The new generation of the AL220 series is named SL2450 offering unlimited
upgrading features and unrivaled features.
The SL2450 manages to harmoniously combine all the functional benefits of one
minimal sliding system with lifting the sheet while at the same time excels
in heat insulation, watertightness and windproof resistance.
The basic design parameters on which its evolution has been structured
system is the architectural aesthetics, the functionality in combination with the
durability and performance to the end user while being flexible
in construction is an important asset for the modern professional.

  • The system is equipped with glass reinforced polyamides 32 mm but
    and special type tires that offer increased thermal insulation levels
    and water tightness.
  • Minimal and straight lines combined with the low height guide
    35 mm flat level offer particularly elegant structures and
    facilitate access.
  • Central hook profile 51 mm wide at the point of superposition for
    greater visibility and exploitation of natural lighting.
  • The advanced HS-200 lift mechanism offers unrivaled
    functionality resulting in the easy and silent sliding of the slides
  • Built-in handle at the point of narrowing of the narrow hook
    offers high strength and robustness in construction and increased
    resistance to wind pressure.
  • Perfect proposal for hotel units by providing a variety of retractable typologies with fixed.


The SL250 system belongs to the thermal insulation generation
systems that offer increased features
thermal insulation and sound insulation, excellent tightness and safety.
The most quality retractable thermal insulation system heavy
type, designed based on the modern architectural trend
looking for profiles on a modern straight line design, is
the ideal solution for large openings construction.
Its strong advantage is the use of lifting mechanisms
with built-in rollers of high strength first
lift the sheet and then take the
slip, achieving easy and smooth scrolling
and ensuring durability and functionality in
high weight, large-scale constructions. The
windows and balcony doors accept multiple locking,
offering effective insurance.
The SL250 is a remarkably reliable retractor
thermal insulation system that responds to increased
requirements for large openings of sliding specifications,
balancing perfectly between durability and functionality,
satisfying end users both at ease in
use as well as at increased performance levels.

  • Optimum waterproofing and thermal insulation.
  • Maximum security with placement multiple locks.
  • High resistance to glass weight, up to 350 Kgr.
  • Special rollers that offer ideal scroll to the driver.
  • It has a lifting mechanism and then a scroll.
    The pioneering system driver with built-in
    case gives us the opportunity to build successor and fixed or open.
  • Ability to create resilient and robust
    structures for large openings.
  • Specially designed driver that allows for existence fixed part without the need for construction and immobilize an additional sliding section.


The W450 system belongs to the generation of thermal insulation systems and
was designed with emphasis on detail to satisfy the modern
energy efficiency and safety requirements.
The wide range of profiles in the series offer numerous prototypes
solutions, from straight or curved cross sections as well as construction possibilities
composite typologies such as aller retour doors, swing windows
with a flat mill and open frames with a “hidden sheet” to achieve
high level aesthetics.
The collaboration of available profiles combined with the high
quality parts and mechanisms, underline it
versatile and ergonomic nature of the system.
The non-negotiable priority of the system for maximum
energy savings and high security is guaranteed thanks
the possibility of perimetric locking and their use
glass reinforced polyamides (PA66 GF25) 24 mm giving a marker
thermal insulation Uf = 2.2-2.6 W / m2K and a noise level Rw of 43 dB.
Thanks to the solutions offered by the W450, a system is proven
extremely effective, user-friendly, unique in its kind.

  • The maximum security of multiple locks, the high thermal and acoustic performance, aesthetics and hygiene functionality makes the system stand out.
  • Use of glass-reinforced polyamides (PA66 GF25) 24 mm.
  • Multi-chamber central tire that helps to the optimum waterproofing the structure, preventing heat displacement.
  • Camera Europea and CAMERA ALU 16 (steel locking / perimeter reversal).
  • Ability to manufacture with 45 ° cutting blades but also snap-fit for excellent aesthetic effect inside the frame.
  • “Curtains” tires that offer additional thermal insulation.


The W450HS system perfectly ensures its feel
simple, simple and elegant aesthetic result.
Reference is the use of the least possible apparent
aluminum that gives the system a sense of grandeur.
Designed, the musical presence confirms with him
better way to dynamically orientate the series while the
attention to detail is reflected, apart from aesthetics,
the practicality and usability of the system.

  • Hidden sheet with frame height of 72 mm.
  • Use of glass reinforced polyamides (PA66 GF25) 31.8 mm.
  • High level of thermal insulation.
  • Robust construction with a special aesthetics.