The E75 system was designed and built specifically to meet modern energy efficiency requirements in building construction.

Thanks to its unique features, such as internal insulation rods, multi-chamber EPDM and 39 mm special polyamides, the E75 has excellent thermal insulation properties (Uf = 1.4 W / m2) and meets the strictest specifications.

The system is a solution for a variety of functional and aesthetic requirements as it offers a wide range of profiles. Classical system design in straight line. The basic dimensions of the E75 are a 75 mm wide sheet and a stable panel-width of only 106 mm.

The E75 is a robust system designed to meet every requirement for the doors and windows of a building. With the width of the aluminum profiles ranging from 1.6 mm to 2.5 mm, it is specifically designed for doors that are used intensely.


The E50 is one of ETEM’s most modern sliding thermal insulation systems. Designed for medium and large openings, the E50 combines the trends of modern aesthetics with the needs arising from stringent energy saving standards.

When designing the E50, we took into account the need for more light inside the building, ease of use and operation of the frame, safety and energy saving, as well as protection from severe weather conditions.

The E50 is a system designed to cover a wide range of requirements, both in existing and new buildings where due to the presence of medium and large openings, we need to use systems that provide the necessary robustness and resistance from the heavy loads that result in large openings , while being distinctive enough to be used in smaller windows.
With a 50mm sex width, the E50 is a robust system with excellent thermal insulation and watertightness characteristics that enables the majority of residential and professional buildings to be built.


The E70 is a sliding system designed for large openings that offers excellent thermal insulation characteristics.

Responding to the growing need for sliding systems for very large openings that are easy to operate and enable easy access for residents to the outside, ETEM has designed the E70, a system that allows maximum penetration of sunlight while offering Less Frame technology, a technology that visually minimizes aluminum frames.

The uniform view of glass without frames allows the unique sense of incorporation of the interior of the construction into the exterior landscape.

The E70 is a 70 mm wide sheet system that offers aesthetics, functionality combined with durability, thermal insulation and sound insulation.