Albio 109 is based on the latest window technology, as well as on the highest construction standards.

Albio 109 is specifically designed to offer absolute heat-cold protection and sound insulation. With great finish, Albio 109 includes two different profile patterns, oval and classic, offering an excellent aesthetic result.


Albio 109C was designed taking into account the latest technological achievements in window system design. It has accomplished high performance on thermal insulation due to its 24mm width polyamide profiles. The excellent air-permeability test results and the ability of using up to 44mm thick glazing units offer high sound insulation. The use of perimeter multi-locking mechanism in combination with thermal break insulation, makes Albio 109C an absolutely secure system. The system also includes two different profile patterns, oval and classic.


Albio 109C Super Thermo is EXALCO’s top class product within opening systems in terms of thermal insulation. The extremely low thermal transmittance coefficiency has been achieved by using wider polyamide profiles (34mm), the insertion of new high insulation material and the use of new gaskets. The excellent air permeability test results and the ability of using up to 50mm thick glazing units offer high sound insulation. The system includes high security mechanism, known as perimeter multi-locking mechanism.


EXALCO presents the new aluminium system for premium security door. It’s a pioneer at European standards, which sets high standards for any new construction or renovation building. Premium Door has the higher thermal insulation with Ud = 0,6 w/m2K and offers unprecedented insulating performance both in cold or hot climates. 
It provides complete sealing against water or air and ensures maximum protection, thanks to its locking mechanism. It supports any kind of technological system, including installing fingerprint recognition mechanism, opening with introduction of digital code, etc. The luxury design of Premium Door enables various combinations of materials and colors. Glass combined with aluminium INOX, aluminium in wood color combined with monochrome gloss or textured surface, are some of the choices that are readily available.


Residence Door is an entrance system with thermal-break, ideal for constructions with high-end specifications, in a variety of typologies with panels or glass panels. Due to its robust design, it is suitable for applications where daily frequent usage is required, like houses, blocks of flats and public buildings. It provides high thermal, sound and water insulation, whilst it combines classic design with new technology, and exceptional aesthetics with high construction standards.


Hotelia Door is a main entrance door system with thermal-break, ideal for high spec structures with blind panels, glass or a combination among these materials. It is suitable for applications where daily use is a demand such hotels and houses. With total panel thickness of 60mm the door provides high thermal and sound insulation. Custom design according to client’s preference can be created on aluminium and glass surfaces. Manual, electric and especially electronic locks with card for hotels can be installed.

Orama minimal frames

Exalco presents the new ORAMA system, which provides minimal and flawless architectural aesthetic, upgrading your living space. ORAMA is a detail-focused innovative system of great quality, that brings efficiency and modern elegance in balance.
–The thickness of the maximum visible vertical surface is only 3cm.
–All sliding typologies are available including single, double, and triple track systems as well as corner-free solutions that open your vision to 360 degrees.
–The high capacity stainless steel rollers and tracks allow smooth sliding action and extreme ease of movement with large glass areas.
–Concealed electric drives and locks can be used to increase operating comfort and to increase the security level of the opening.
–The high-quality multi-locking point system developed by ORAMA offers the best possible burglar resistance in accordance with European standards



Albio 256 Thea is one of the unique minimal lift and slide systems that provides ideal water tightness through EPDM sealing gaskets.
It has minimal look with integration of the frame into the wall at the perimeter of the system, visible profile 45,1mm and a narrow hook with visible surface just 42mm. 
It presents excellent thermal-insulation properties with Uw=1,15 W/m2K with Ug= 0,6 W/m2K.
It has been studied a special water drainage system that permits an optimal operation of the system and gives the possibility to the water to drainage from the inside of the system too. 
Possibility to construct all the typologies of the lift and slide systems.
One of the most important advantages of Albio 256 Thea is that it can be used in existing facilities.


Albio 235 is ideal for wide opening applications, having profiles with great endurance and high moment of inertia. The system presents excellent thermal-insulation properties thanks to the 24-34mm polyamides and special multi-chambered PVC add-ons. Moreover, the system offers water-tightness through EPDM sealing gaskets and its special lift & slide railing mechanism. These fittings give the possibility of using large and thick glazing units, with a capacity that can reach up to 200kg sash weight.


Albio 102 semi structural curtain wall system creates a 12mm interval between the frames. Its basic characteristic is that there are no bolt keepers on the transoms of the glazing panels. The transoms can become projecting fast and easy any time, or on any panel chosen, by simply setting a handle on the window even after the construction phase, with no additional cost. 


Albio 130 offers ease of construction and is applicable to any building. With a 50mm face width, Albio 130 can adopt glazing thickness from 6 to 36mm. The mullion profiles cover a wide range of moments of inertia between 60 and 820 cm. The system offers various options for the external decorative cap profiles. 


Albio R50 is a high performance curtain-wall system, which is available in two versions. A standard type with pressure plate / cover caps and a structural glazing type both providing classic style and capability to design several kinds of structures like buildings’ vertical facades and skylights. 
Albio R50 provides ease of manufacture as well as various options for the decorative face cup profile. With 50mm of visible profile width, the system allows application of in fills of 4mm to 50mm thickness. The mullion profiles cover a wide range static requirement with moment of inertia between 6.7 to 1115.8cm4. In cases where requirements are higher, the system offers a range of additional support profiles and can provide up to 1351cm4.